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Now What? Illuminating Talk/Enlightening Theater

Three inspiring evenings that bring together some of the world’s leading visionaries to present solutions and paradigm-shifting perspectives on the most critical issues of our time. Following each talk, theater artist Nina Wise weaves the themes of the evening into one of her signature performances, transforming the conceptual issues into complex, funny, and deeply moving narratives that move our understanding from the mental realm into the heart.


There is growing concern amongst many of us that we are headed towards unprecedented disaster. So why “optimistic” voices? Because despite the vast challenges we are facing, there are viable, affordable, solutions available to us right now. To this end, theater artist Nina Wise and activist Randy Hayes, founder of the Rainforest Action Network, have teamed up with Bob Martin of the Lensic Performing Arts Center to present Election Year: A Festival of Optimistic Voices.

You will leave the theater not only informed, but also inspired.

All Performances at the Lensic Theater, 211 West San Francisco Street, Santa Fe, NM
Tel: 505-988-7050 map