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Lovingkindness abounds in her work


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By twisting herself inside out, commenting on the absurdities of life, Nina Wise shows us how twisted and funny and loveable we all are.  She is a metaphysical vaudevillian for the new millennium.

—Bob Morris, NY Times Columnist

Performance artists come and go and often disappear to no one’s sorrow. But Nina Wise is something else again. She shapes theater pieces that are thoroughly grounded in theatrical design, rhythmic flow, intellectual commitment and emotional depth.

SF Chronicle

…affecting persona and consummate abilities as an actress who clearly blends human research and critical intuition into her work. She is able to plumb our depths and express our needs accurately and lovingly… a talent even rarer in performance art than in the movies.


Nina Wise joins great talent with spiritual understanding. No one else I know so intimately joins the sublime and the absurd, surface and depth, the high and the low. Her range is enormous.

—Natalie Goldberg

Nina Wise is like the Jules Pfeiffer dancer come to life. She says in public what I'm thinking and feeling but musn't reveal.   After the audience experiences her performance art, we can't stop talking about her. We care about what she cares about.   And we care about her.

—Maxine Hong Kingston

“No mere talking head, Wise possesses a supple physique, prodigious energy and nerve with which to render the shapes and souls of things. Lovingkindness abounds in her work. She makes art as fresh as the day’s headlines,”

Village Voice

“You leave a Nina Wise performance uplifted, as if you’ve seen something fresh, moving and above all, deeply human.”

Ashland Tribune

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